Music for Children in the Autism Spectrum, their Teachers,
Classmates, Therapists, and Families.

"Gather Stars for Your Children"
Songs to Enhance Social Skills and to Foster a Welcoming Attitude
by Jeanne Lyons

Encouraging, captivating songs that tell stories designed to teach socially appropriate behaviors to children who may:
  • have an unusual play style
  • have delayed language or
  • speak well, but want to talk about the same topics over and over
  • stand too close to people
  • experience difficulties with changes in routine
  • struggle with the turn-taking aspects of conversation
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Music can make the information more accessible and the lessons more enjoyable for children in the Autism Spectrum! (Including those with Asperger's Syndrome, PDD, PDD/NOS, Autism, Etc.)

These songs help classmates who do not struggle with social skills to understand, and be supportive of, those who do struggle.

Gather Stars For Your Children is also appropriate for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, or other developmental differences that affect the acquisition of age-appropriate social skills.
Ideal for:
families of children who struggle socially

inclusion classrooms and self-contained, special education classrooms

speech therapy, music therapy or occupational therapy programs

great gifts for children, families, grandparents, teachers, or therapists

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